Virgo Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

We said just now that you are in a very spiritual period this year, as you were last year too. So, if you are not yet on a mystical path, this is a good time to start. Those already on such a path will make enormous progress this year. Those not involved in spirituality are likely to be more involved with drugs or alcohol – the false proxies for psychic development.

The dream life this year will be overactive and in many cases prophetic. Pay attention to your dreams; write them down in the morning when do not leave up. You are being instructed in your dreams on various important issues.

There will be increased extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychic phenomena this year. Those on a spiritual path will understand these things as they are quite common. But those not yet on a path will have what they call ‘strange coincidences’. You think of someone and five minutes later they call. You get an urge to avoid a certain road and later you find out there was just an accident there. You open a book and you find the exact page you’re looking for. The invisible world is telling you that it’s around. There’s more to life than what look at with your eyes.

Countless people feel blocked from following their dreams. In some cases, it is the lack of money, sometimes lack of connections, sometimes a feeling of lack of ability. The beauty of the spiritual breakthroughs that are happening this year is because you will see that these so-called obstructions were nothing more than beliefs you held in your mind. These are manifested as physical obstructions. When you get of these limiting beliefs, the outer obstructions disappear.

Virgo naturally gravitates to the solar approach to spirituality. The esoteric side of Christianity is especially appealing. This is a good thing that, but this year there is a need to exalt the feelings, to get the feelings engaged in the mystical practice. When you are placed in a right mood, divine contact will be easy.

The love life will go better if you go get a more realistic view of perfection. Here on Earth, perfection is not granted to us on a silver platter. It is what is to create. If love isn’t yet perfect, do things that will improve the position. Little by little you will be closer to your ideal. You will be placed on the road to perfection – and this is precisely what critical. If the love life is better today than it was yesterday, you are successful, though the idea still seems far off.

Saturn in the 4th house most of the year often show tendencies to repression of feeling. And this generally leads to depression. In many cases, you feel unsafe expressing what you really feel. Repression is not the way to behave. If you are given access to a counsellor or therapist, that would be wonderful. If not, it is useful to know safe ways to express negative feelings. Refer to my book A Technique For Meditation for various ways to do this.