Virgo Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Your 4th house of home and family is prominent this year – and challenging. This area is probably the most challenging in your horoscope.

Saturn moved into your 4th house very late last year and will spend most of the year ahead here (although it will retrograde back into your 3rd house for a few months). You are assuming more family responsibilities this year. The responsibilities seems heavy – burdensome – and you can’t really avoid them. You must just smile and raise the load. These responsibilities can come from children or children figures in your life. Virgos of childbearing age become unusually fertile after August 11.

There seems to be a love-hate relationship with a parent or parent figure. On the one hand, this parental figure is very devoted to you and seems generous (especially after August 11). On the other hand, he or she brings more responsibilities – and perhaps more control.

Though there will be opportunities to make progress in the coming year – after August 11 – a move doesn’t seem advisable just yet. Perhaps you feel cramped for space, but it is better to use your existing space more creatively than to move. A move seems to have been better aspects a few years down the road.

The cosmos be bringing the correct order to the whole family and domestic situation this year. This will be here well into next year too. Family relationships are getting reorganized, as is the domestic routine.

The family situation doesn’t seem like much fun this year, so it is only natural that you are trying to inject some fun in the home. You seem to be buying entertainment gadgetry, and perhaps sports equipment. You are making sure that the home of an entertainment centres as much as a home.

A parent or parent figure could be moving in with you or close to you after August 11. The marriage of a parent or parent figure seems stressed this year and is the case with a rigorous testing.

Children or children figures in your life are very restless these days and could have multiple moves. Siblings or sibling figures could move this year – they have excellent opportunities for this. Grandchildren (if you have them) could also be moving this year. The moves seem happy.