Taurus Finance and Career Horoscope 2016

Money remains indispensable to a Taurus, but this year less so than usual. Your 2nd money house is not strong. On the positive side, you have more freedom to fashion this area as you will. The cosmos be not obstructing you. On the other hand, reduced interest tends towards the status quo. You seem basically content with financing and are not required to make major dramatic changes.

Taurus people are under a naturally good feel for real estate. The basic instincts are sound and this year this feeling is better than usual – especially in the residential real estate area. There is good fortune here – especially until August 11. I also like industries that cater to children – toy makers, games developers and the entertainment industry. Go for a wonderful feeling for this from August 11 onwards.

As we have reported earlier, family support seems unusually intense this year.
Your financial planet, Mercury, is supposed to be very fast moving. Only the moon moves faster than him. Thus earnings and earning opportunities come to you in a variety of ways and through a variety of people and situations. It all depends on where the mercury is at any given time and the kind of aspects he receives. These short-term trends are best contained in the monthly reports.

Jupiter’s move into Leo last July was very appropriate for the career. September 2014 was exceptionally courteous. There were promotions and pay rises, either with the present company or a new one, and there was more recognition for your professional achievements and perhaps even honours or awards. There is kind of this in the year ahead. March and June 2016 look especially strong for career.

Generally career elevation translates into higher earnings. Nonetheless, earnings don’t seem the highest consideration for you. Rather, they are only a side effect.

There have been many career changes over the past few years, and perhaps a few ‘near death’ experiences in the career. Nevertheless, things look more stable for the year ahead. Jupiter’s beautiful aspects of your career planet Uranus also indicate happy career opportunities that come to you.

Uranus has been in your spiritual 12th house for some years now. Thus (as we have submitted in prior years) you are more idealistic about your career. Just making money and being successful is not sufficient for you. You want to make something that is meaningful, something that benefits the world as a whole. You always want to feel ‘divine approval’ for your career path. This indicates that being associated with charities and altruistic causes (causes that you believe in) will further your career. You make vital connections through those activities. And in many cases, Taurus, you will actually opt for a saintly career.

The career of a parent or parent figure will improve greatly this year. The past two years have been extremely challenging for this person. Sibling and sibling figures have experienced remarkable career instability for some years now. Things will be adapted a bit in the year ahead. Children and children figures have a static, durable kind of career year – though they seem prosperous.

The spouse, partner or current lover has an obligation to reorganize the finances this year. He or she needs to do harder for earnings than usual, to go the extra mile. He or she seems to be carrying additional fiscal burdens – things that can’t be escaped.
Favourable numbers for finance are 1, 3, 6, 8 and 11.