Taurus Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Your spiritual life is a part of the most exciting areas of life this year. Indeed, this has taken so for some years now and will continue for a few more. You like to experiment here, as we have mentioned, and this is basically good. We learn what works for us through trial, error and experiment. There is not any right or wrong spiritual path. Each person, ultimately, is their own path and this is discovered through experimentation. This is so even in the mainstream religions. Each person practises their religion in a unique kind of way. (This is why there are so many sects within any given religion.)

One of the problems with Uranus being in your 12th house is to be can overdo a good thing. One can become a spiritual faddist, jumping from one teaching to the next, depending on the fashionable trends of the time. Thus, one never gets a chance to work a path and see the results. Experiment by all means, but allow time to see how it work out.

Neptune, the most mystical of all the planets, has been in your 11th house of friends for some years now. This reinforces what we’ve been saying above. Nonetheless, it also shows that you are attracting spiritual-type friends and are involved in spiritual groups and organizations. Perhaps you believe that there is some ‘mass’ approach to salvation and enlightenment. This would be the tendency now. However, in true enlightenment and spiritual breakthroughs (and there will be a lot in the year ahead) are always solitary experiences. Even if you are located in a group, sitting in a lecture with hundreds in attendance, your personal experience will be unique. No one else will have the same experience as you.

Spiritual compatibility seems the criteria for friendship this year. Those who are not on your spiritual path are not your friends. Someone who is in your path will become a friend even if you just meet him or her for a short time. These relationships are often enduring.

Saturn, as we mentioned, will spend most of the year in your 8th house of sexuality. Thus, the cosmos is putting this department of life in ‘right order’. If you have been irresponsible in this area, the bills come due in the next few years. However, if you have been trustworthy, Saturn will demonstrate how to enhance this area in healthy ways.

The sexual force is perhaps the most powerful in the universe. It can create or destroy. There is real and incorrect way to use this force and these are some of the lessons that come on be learned in the coming years.