Taurus Horoscope 2016

Uranus has been in your 12th house of spirituality for some years now is able to be there for a few more years yet. This indicates dramatic spiritual change – interior change. It might not be evident to others as yet, but in due course it will be. You are located in a period of great spiritual experimentation and discovery.

Saturn has been in your 7th house of love for the past two years. This has become a challenging period for the love life. Those who are married have had their relationships tested. While those who are singles most likely stayed single. There have been disappointments with friends and love relationships have broken up. Happily things are improving in this department as Saturn comes out of your 7th house for most of the year (he will retrograde back in for only three months and then leave permanently). There’s more on this later.

Saturn will spend most of 2016 in your 8th house of transformation and regeneration. This shows that the spouse, partner or current love is having financial challenges and needs in order to consolidate and re-order their finances. It also appears in a need to bring the libido under more control and not to overdo things.

Jupiter entered your 4th House in July last year, and will be there until August 11 this year. This shows happiness in home and family affairs, with good family support and happy moves or renovations. You are in a period of intense psychological growth and progress. More details later.

Jupiter enters your 5th house of creativity and fun on August 11. This heralds an enjoyable, happy nice period for the rest of the year. You will get the wherewithal and the opportunity to explore the rapturous side of life. It shows fertility for Taurus people of childbearing age and prosperity and success for the children or children figures in your life.

Your important areas of interest in the year ahead will be home and family (until August 11); children, fun and personal creativity (from August 11 onwards); love and romance (from June 15 to September 18); sex, other people’s money, debt and personal transformation (January 1 to June 15 and September 18 to the end of the year); religion, philosophy, metaphysics and higher education; friends, groups and group activities; and spirituality.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead will be home and family (until August 11); children, fun and personal creativity (from August 11 onwards); and health and work (until November 13).