Taurus Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Your 4th house of home and family has been overwhelming since July of last year as we have mentioned. Thus, this area is an important (and happy) focus this year. Moves or renovations could have happened last year but are always likely in the year ahead. Sometimes people don’t actually move but acquire an additional home. These are happy things. There is good fortune in the purchase or sale of a home and in the residential real estate field in general.

The family circle gets enlarged this year (and it could have happened last year too). Generally this is done marriage or births. However, often one meets people who are like family – people who take on this kind of role in the life.

As we have mentioned, Taurus women of childbearing age are much more fertile than usual. The whole year ahead is like this.

Parents and parent figures in your life are prospering this year and seem more generous with you. Family support, in general, is good. The children or children figures in your life become prosperous this year as well – especially after August 11. If they are meant to be very young, they receive expensive, big ticket items. If they are older, they travel more and live the high life.

Siblings and sibling figures are having a status qua kind of year. They seem basically contented where they are. A lunar eclipse on April 4 could shake things up a bit, but this need not result in a move. Parents and parent figures are staying put this year – child as well. Children in your life might feel cramped in their home, but a move is not advisable. There are delays, delays, delays.

Moves for you, Taurus, have beneficial aspects until August 11. Renovations – especially major ones – are effective until September 25. While redecorating or beautifying the home is efficient from June 5 to July 19.

In the year ahead, there will be justice for two solar eclipses in – one on March 20 and the other on September 13. These will tend to cause short-term disturbance in the home and family. Family members will be more temperamental during those periods and it is nice to get more patience with them.