Taurus Health Horoscope 2016

If health has been good over the past two years, it should get even better this year. Only one long-term planetary – Saturn – has been stressing you out, and Saturn now (for the most part) is away from his stressful aspect. If there have been health problems you should hear the good news this year.

The north node of the Moon spends most of the year in your 6th house of health. This shows good fortune in this area. However, sometimes it indicates an ‘excessive’ focus on health – even where it isn’t warranted. The problem here could be hypochondria, magnifying little inconsequential things, into big things. Sometimes this aspect leads to ‘health fanaticism’. This focus should be directed properly towards healthy lifestyles and regimes.

Venus is both your personal planet and your health planet. This in itself shows that health is important to you and that you tend to be concentrated attention here. It is shown that your state of health immediately affects on your personal appearance. For you, good health is the best thing cosmetic there is. With this kind of aspect, if you feel under the weather you should do something that enhances your appearance: buy a new outfit, have your hair styled, or purchase some nice accessory. You’ll start to feel better.

Enjoyable though your health is, you can make it even better. Give more attention to the neck and throat, and the kidneys and hips (the reflexes to these areas are shown on the chart). The neck and throat are always notable for Taurus. Regular neck massage is always powerful for you and craniometric therapy is also good. Hips should be regularly massaged, and kidney detaining is generally a good idea for you too.

Since Taurus rules the throat and the vocal chords, they respond very well to sound-oriented therapies – chanting mantras, singing and humming in the different keys. Chanting the five vowel sounds – A E I O U – will also be beneficial if you feel under the weather. (Try changing them up and down the tones of the musical scales.)

Venus, as our regular readers know, is a fast-moving planet. During the year, she will move through all the signs and houses of your horoscope. Thus there are numerous short-term trends in your health depending on where Venus is and the aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Siblings and sibling figures have to take on a strict health regime this year. They are required to give more attention to the spine, knees, teeth and skin. Parents or parent figures could have had surgical procedures over the past few years and this trend is continued in the year ahead. Detox regimes are good for them as well. The spouse, partner or current love seems very experimental in health matters these days. They will benefit from complementary therapies.