Libra Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

Uranus has been impacting on your financial planet for some years now and has brought major and dramatic financial changes. Disruptive sorts of changes. Things are quieter and less dramatic this year as Uranus has been out of his ethical aspect. (He is still affecting Pluto, but not as directly as in previous years.)

Finances are OK until August 11 – nothing special one way or another. There are no disasters, but no special prosperity either. However, after August 11, as Jupiter enters Virgo, he will begin to make very subtle aspects to your financial planet. Earnings should increase; overall wealth likewise. The latter half of the year is about me be a lot more prosperous than the early part.

With Pluto as your financial planet, you are someone who likes to raise other people rich, someone who looks out for the pecuniary interests of others, someone who is good at managing other people’s money. You can see value where others see only death and decay. Thus you are an individual who can profit from troubled companies or properties, turning them around and making them profitable once again.

Those of you of the appropriate age are doing more estate planning. Many of you are inheriting money or being called in someone’s will. (this could have happened in recent years too.)

Your financial planet’s long sojourn in the sign of Capricorn indicates a conservative approach to health and to spend. I examine this a positive thing. You have sound financial judgement. You will no longer be a speculator or a risk-taker. You are under the age of long-term perspective on wealth. You have a great sense of what something will be worth many years from now. You monitor your money well.

This is a fantastic position for disciplined financial regimes – for savings and investment plans and for living within one’s means. These habits lead to wealth over the long haul.

The financial planet in the 4th house shows excellent family support, as we have mentioned, and someone who spends on the family. It signals someone who invests in family members and who earns through family connections and a family-type business.

This aspect is also useful to for real estate – both commercial and residential. (residential property is ruled by the 4th house, but commercial real estate comes under Capricorn’s rule.)

When Jupiter really starts to make his fortune aspect with your financial planet, he will do so from the 12th house of spirituality. This shows a healthy financial intuition which should be trusted. It also shows someone who is considering the spiritual dimensions of wealth. This is not pure money, but supernatural money – miracle money. It appears to be happening naturally, but you know, deep down inside, that it is miraculous. Read as much as you can on the mystical aspects of wealth.

Jupiter rules your 3rd house of communications. Thus, earnings can come from retailing, trading, buying and selling. Effective use of the media becomes important financially. People need to know about your products or service. A positive Buzz needs to be built around them. A sibling or sibling figure in your life seems helpful financially – neighbours too.