Libra Health Horoscope 2016

Health is still delicate this year. Two powerful planets, Uranus and Pluto, are making stressful aspects to you. This has gone on for some years now. Happily, your 6th house of health is strong this year and you are paying attention. This extra attention is a positive for health.

As our regular readers know, there is much that can be made to enhance the health and prevent problems from developing. The first and most important thing is the maintenance of high energy levels. This is the main defence against disease. A bright aura – a strong energy field – will repel most diseases. Thus it is ready to rest and relax more. Ensure that you get enough sleep. A little planning of your day will allow you to do more with less energy. Delegate tasks whenever possible. It might be a nice idea to spend some time in a health spa and get more massages or reflexology treatments. Things that increase overall energy are valuable.

Aside from this, it would be good to focus on the following areas – the vulnerable areas of the horoscope this year: the heart; the kidneys and hips; and the feet. The reflexes for these are shown in the chart.

Right diet often helps with heart problems, but more important than that is avoiding worry and anxiety. According to many spiritual healers these are the root causes of heart problems.

Kidneys and hips are always important for Libra. Kidney detaining – and there are many herbal ways to do this – would be good. As would be regular hip massage.

The feet too are always notable for Libra, but more so since 2012. Keep the feet warm in the winter. Wear shoes that fit and that doesn’t knock you off balance. Libra is very much into fashion, but as far as shoes are concerned, comfort is more important, although if you can have both, so much the better. Regular foot massage is always potent for you, but especially now. Foot hydrotherapy is also powerful and there are various gadgets for this on the market which you might want to invest in.

Your Health planet, Neptune, is in his own sign and house these days. Thus he is more influential on your behalf (which is another positive for health). Neptune is the most mystical of all the planets, and his role as your health planet gives us many messages. You will respond well to spiritual-type therapies – meditation, Reiki, the laying on of hands and the manipulation of subtle energies. If problems arise (God forbid) see a psychic healer. Generally he or she should be able to watch over the problem.

It is always a good idea to keep in a state of grace with the Higher Power within you. However, for you it is an actual health issue. Health problems could arise from a disconnection from the Higher Power. (All health problems have their origin in this, but for you it is more dramatic.) Spiritual healing is always a keen interest for you, but now you are going deeper into this. See the note you can on the subject and apply what you read.

Your health planet rules the oceans and he is in a water sign. Thus you have a very strong connection with the healing powers of the water element. From a health perspective, it is very good to spend more time near oceans, rivers and lakes. Boating, swimming and water sports are beneficial kinds of exercises. Yoga and taw chi would also be good. If you feel under the weather, have a soak in the tub for an hour or so. The body will relax and you’ll feel much better.