Libra Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Spiritual healing, as we mentioned, will be a major focus this year and for many years to come here. There is going to be much revelation on this subject. In your case, there is no health regime that is complete unless the heavenly dimension is dealt with.

Spiritual healing is a bit different from mind-body healing. Mind-body healing is very good, but it has its limitations. Since it is the mind that has created the health problem in the first place, we are in a situation where the bored mind must heal itself. The thing that made the problem is trying to solve the problem.

Psychic healing is about invoking a power that is above the mind – above the mental process – and allowing it to heal the mind and eventually the body. The mind is used to make the initial connection with the power, but after that it should remain still – the less perceptual interference the better. It is important to understand that though you set the power into motion it is not you or your mind that are doing the work.

The spiritual dimensions of finance will become prominent after August 11, as we said. This too is a great subject. As with physical healing it is about invoking a power that is above the mind and allowing it to operate in your financial affairs.

In theory, everyone has equal access to the transcendent, supernatural supply. In practice, however, it does not be too. Much psychological clutter – false teachings, beliefs and internal denials – have to be cleared out in order to gain access to this supply. This takes some spiritual work, but it is worth it. A sound understanding of the nature of spiritual supply – or Providence as some call it – will not only solve personal financial problems, but the financial problems in the world at large.

Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich is a classic in the field and a good book for you to read, but still it mostly deals with the mind aspects of wealth. Spiritual supply is something above that. The mystical approach to wealth is about recognizing one and only one source of supply – the Divine. When you invoke the Divine supply no one else is involved. The transaction is strictly between you and the Divine. If it grants (and it does) with nothing and no one can stop it – it can only be blocked by you yourself, by your disbelief or denial. The divine will often work through human instruments to bring you supply to you, but not necessarily. It can act directly with little or no ‘outside’ help if need be.

Read all you can on the subject and, more importantly, be attentive to the inner revelation that will come in the year ahead through your dreams, intuitions and hunches.