Libra Home and Family Horoscope 2016

As we have mentioned, Pluto has been in your 4th house of home and family for some years now, and he will be here for many more. This is a very long-term transit. Pluto’s slow movement shows his thoroughness. He will not rest until your family situation is ideal. Whatever has to be done to achieve this ideal – even if it involves major dramas – he will do. He will revamp the physical home until it is where he wants it – even if it means destroying the old one, or causing major renovations to be necessary.

The same is valid for family relationships. Pluto is ruthless. If family members don’t have the right attitudes or mind set, he will send dramas – near-death kinds of experiences – to get them back on track. He does his job.

When Pluto moves through the 4th house, the contemporary family pattern will die. And since death is always followed by resurrection, it will be reborn in a higher and better level. The end results of Pluto’s actions are always good, and things will be vastly improved over the way they were, but it will not be so pleasant while he’s at work.

You are giving rise to a new family relationship and a new dynamic. No matter how much modern technology sanitizes it. Childbirth is a messy business. There is plenty of blood and gore. Yet, when the child is created, the mother rejoices. Considers it worthwhile to have undergone all the pain. And so it is here with your family and domestic situation these days. This is a long-term process, but it is what the cosmos is planning for you.

So, in many cases family members have literally died. In other cases, they have had near-death experiences or medical crises. The home has undergone serious renovations (and these can still happen in the year ahead and in coming years). In some cases, the family unit has broken up, either through death or divorce or quarrels. However, have no fear – things will get patched up on a better level.
Pluto is also your financial planet, and his position in the 4th house gives various signals on this level too. You are spending more on the home and the family. A parent or parent figure is prominent in the financial life. Many of you are starting home-based businesses or working from home. Family connections play an important part in finances.

The entire year is great for renovation or construction work in the home. Nevertheless, if you’re redecorating in a cosmetic sort of way – painting, or buying objects for the home – January 1–3, February 20 to March 17, June 5 to July 19 and December 29–31 are good times.

A move is little likelihood in the year ahead.

A parent or parent figure seems to be paying greater attention to a sibling than to you. This same parent figure has been restless for many years and has either had multiple moves or has lived in different places for long periods of time. This trend continues in the year ahead. Siblings or sibling figures could have moved in the past two years, but this year they stay put. Children and children figures have a durable kind of home and family year. Moves don’t seem likely. Grandchildren could move (a fortunate move) after August 11.