Libra Horoscope for 2016

Saturn has been in your money house for the past two years. This has meant finances have been stressed. There was a need to reorganize the financial life and often this isn’t pleasant. Happily, Saturn is out of the money house for most of the year and you should see there was a substantial improvement in this area this year. More details later.

Uranus has been put in your 7th house of love for many years now. This makes for social and romantic instability. No doubt there have been numerous divorces and romantic break-ups in the past few years. The instability continues in the year ahead. There is a need to learn how to deal with this, and there’s more on this later.

Pluto has been in your 4th house of home and family for many years and he will be there in the year ahead. Many of you have experienced the death of family members of late. In some cases, this wasn’t actual deaths but near-death kinds of experiences, or surgery. The family relationships are experiencing a cosmic detox and these things are not usually agreeable. Nonetheless, the end result is a good thing. The family circle will become more ideal, but through all kinds of dramas.

Neptune has been put in your 6th house of health and work since July 2012. This indicates an interest in spiritual healing and this interest will last for many more years. Job seekers have to work harder to find work in the year ahead. The work is there, but more effort is needed to find it. More on this later.

Jupiter will enter your 12th house of spirituality on August 11. This will initiate a strong mystical period for you, a period of inner growth. Dream life and your extrasensory perception (ESP) faculties will be considerably enhanced. You will be more involved with charitable activities too.

Your most important areas of life this year will be finances (from June 15 to September 18); communication and intellectual interests (from January 1 to June 15 and September 18 for the rest of the year); home and family; health and work; love, romance and social activities; friends, groups and group activities (until August 11); and spirituality (from August 11 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year is the organization, image and personal pleasure (until November 13); friends, groups and group activities (until August 11); and spirituality (August 11 onwards).