Pisces Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

Uranus, as we have mentioned, has been in your money house for some years now. You are enclosed in a very exciting and frenetic financial cycle. You are generally a risk-taker in finance by nature, but these days even more so. You are throwing out all the rule books, all the conventional wisdom, and learning through trial and error that goes to push for you.

This is good. This is how new knowledge is acquired. However, it does introduce some instability into the finances. Since you are breaking new ground, you are never sure of the outcome of your experiments. When your experiments develop, earnings will soar – beyond your imagination. When they don’t work out, earnings can be ultra quiet.

Nevertheless, don’t be dismayed about this. It is natural. For every new and exciting product that is produced in the laboratory, there can be an explosion or two. This goes with the territory.

In general, you should aim to smooth out your earnings. Set aside money from the good times (and there will be very pleasant times) to cover the quiet periods (and these will also certainly happen). Just because earnings soar for a while doesn’t mean that they will be pursued.

Uranus governs the technological world, astronomy and astrology. All these things are important financially to you. They are upright as investments and businesses. Also effective use of technology is essential. Whatever your business, it is important in order to stay up to date with the latest technology. Online businesses or activities are critical this year.

Most of you won’t become practising astrologers in the year ahead, but astrology can give you financial insights. If you are involving fiscal problems, it could be a good idea to consult with your personal astrologer.

Uranus is all your spiritual planet. And, this gives us many messages. Intuition plays an important part in monetary matters. And your financial intuition is excellent – especially until August 11. Fiscal guidance can now come to you while you are meditating, in dreams, or through psychics, ministers or spiritual channels.

The spiritual planet in the money house shows that you are going deeper into the spiritual dimensions of wealth. This has gone on for many years now and the trend continues in the year ahead. You already get much understanding of this, but one can always go deeper. See the note you can on the subject and, more importantly, put what you read into practice.

Job seekers have magnificent opportunities this year. A dream job could have already been landed by you, but if not, it is still likely in the year ahead.

Career seems stressful this year. Saturn will spend the year on or very near your Mid-heaven. This doesn’t mean failure – on the contrary it often brings success –, but it comes the hard way, through work and merit. Sometimes this aspect shows a demanding boss or restrictive rules in your business or industry. The best way to deal with this is to give the boys more than is asked for. Exceed their expectations. Don’t shirk the work or responsibility.

Your Career planet Jupiter is in Leo until August 11. Thus, perhaps, you want to take the fun in your career. Nonetheless, this doesn’t seem likely. Learn to take advantage of the work itself. Make your work fun.

After August 11, your career planet moves into your 7th house of love and social activities. This suggests that you can advance the career through collective means – by attending or perhaps hosting the right kinds of parties or gatherings. You will be mixing socially with people who can open career doors for you. All very useful, but bear in mind that although social connections can open doors, ultimately (and especially over the next two years) you get to see the work.