Pisces Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Your 4th house of home and family is no longer a house of power this year. As our regular readers know, this tends towards the status quo. It is true that you will have more freedom and latitude in domestic matters this year – if you choose to move or renovate or make changes. There is nothing holding you back. You are free. But generally, without a cosmic push we seldom make major changes. I read as a good signal. You are basically content with the way things are and have no pressing need to do dramatic changes.

There is another matter here too. Many of you have moved, renovated or acquired additional homes in the past two years. So you seem pretty much settled in now.

If you plan to renovate – to do major repairs or construction around the home – June 12 to July 24 is a great time. If you plan to redecorate or beautify the home, or to buy art objects for the home, April 11 to May 8 is a great time.

A parent or parent figure seems bossy and demanding this year. On the one hand he or she is serving your interest and seems very helpful, but on the other there is an element of control here too. This parent figure seems to be prospering this year, especially until August 11. He or she does not like to move in the year ahead (any move could have been made in the past two years). Nonetheless, another parent figure is likely to move after August 11. (move, renovate or acquire an additional home.)

Siblings or sibling figures could move this year (and this could have happened last year as well). If they are of childbearing age they are very fertile these days. Their intimate family circle expands in the year ahead. Children and children figures are thriving this year, but a move doesn’t seem on the cards. Grandchildren of appropriate age (if you have them) are struggling financially this year. They are receiving support from their parents though. They could move in the year ahead. If they are of childbearing age they are more fertile than usual.

Your family planet, Mercury, is the fastest moving of all the planets except for the moon. Thus in a given year, there will be many short-term family trends, depending on where mercury is and the aspects he receives. These are best addressed in the monthly reports.