Pisces Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Spirituality is always important to you, but these days there are certain aspects of it that are most important.

Neptune, the ruler of your horoscope, has been in your own house since 2012. This reveals the refinement and spiritualization of the body. The body is becoming more and more sensitive to spiritual vibrations. Thus, as we have referred to in previous years, one will feel vibrations as if they were physical things. If you are around someone with heart problems, for example, you are likely to think that your own heart is hurting or not in rhythm. It will feel really, but is not what you believe that it is. The reverse is also true. If you are around uplifting kinds of people, you will feel these vibrations physically as well. You might feel giddy – high – even though you are completely sober. With training, you will be located in a position to hold an object and sense all kinds of things about its owner. Don’t take physical sensations too seriously. Be aware of them, but don’t identify with them. This will save one lot of heartache.

It is said that the reason behind old age and physical deterioration is the slowing down of the body energy vibrations. If the vibrations are raised, the body will become more youthful. Many of you will experience this kind of thing now.

The enhanced sensitivity of the body says that you should be very moderate in your use of alcohol and drugs. The body can overreact to these things.

In the transcendent perspective, the body is not considered to be a cause for anything. The body is the side effect – the visible manifestation – of unseen causes. Thus if one finds out how change the dimension of causes – through meditation, affirmation and right attitude – the body can be moulded and shaped according to one’s will. You have unusual ability to meet this now.

The other area of spiritual growth which has continued for some years now is that of finance. Undoubtedly considerable progress has been achieved here. You are seeing that just as your body is a side effect of heavenly causes – the same is true for finance. Financial problems always have their origins on other, more subtle levels. If we want to clear a negative fiscal condition we must clear the psychic root cause of the problem. Otherwise the fiscal problem will recur again and again and again. Sure there are rational solutions that can alleviate some financial distress, such as better money management, living within one’s means, and creating savings and investment plans. Nevertheless, these will not be enough if the psychic root causes are not dealt with. Generally these causes are misunderstandings about the nature of wealth and where it comes from. These misunderstandings can be very subtle and are often instilled in childhood. Spiritually speaking this is where the thrust of your pecuniary work has to be.